25th Anniversary Videos

As broadcast on KAI-TV, December 30, 2020

Complete Program (1.5 hrs) https://youtu.be/t_S9BIM33yM

Opening Remarks, David Corson https://youtu.be/dFg8GrdWsDY

First 10 years, Fratelli Powerpoint with music by Malcolm Bilson https://youtu.be/flkiRDo_jnA

Peggy Hill’s remarks at 20th Anniversary https://youtu.be/sf9KenQ-VQE

Shirley Durfee’s History 2000-2010 https://youtu.be/RxCiuP01OyU

Malcolm Bilson plays Chopin https://youtu.be/3mzI7WQIQPg

Charles Wilcox remarks about Repositioning https://youtu.be/sVQU9BPfTXY

Last five years in photographs with music by Malcolm Bilson https://youtu.be/pQzyYFrjRoE

David Corson’s Closing Remarks https://youtu.be/UOGEuOibTL0

Appendices https://youtu.be/zT9nk1rPo10